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Avaya IP Office VoiceMail

As with all Avaya business phone systems, voicemail is one of the many applications provided to increase business efficiency and improve client handling. With Avaya's advanced voicemail systems, voicemail access can be allocated to remote employees even though they may not have a desk or telephone in the main office.

Avaya IP Office voicemail allows callers to leave messages for you when you are out of the office, away from your desk or engaged on another telephone call. Voicemail messages can be retrieved either locally or remotely via any telephone or you can forward messages to your e-mail and retrieve them via PC.

This approach allows you to use your PC to display your two different types of messages. It also frees your telephone for incoming calls whilst using your PC to playback your voicemail. You can then also forward your voicemail, just like any other email message.

All IP Office systems have been specifically designed to give a business a competitive edge, by providing a total communications system. To this end a Voicemail application is provided as standard on all IP Office systems.


Embedded VoiceMail

VoiceMail Lite

VoiceMail Pro

Supported on:

IP500, IP412, IP406, S.O.

PC Based - all Avaya IP Office systems



Message Storage

IP500 - up to 15 hours

IP406 v2 - up to 15 hrs.

Small Office - up to 10 hours

1MB per minute up to hard disk capacity

Maximum Simultaneous Calls

IP500: 4

IP406 v2: 4

Small Office VCC3: 3

Small Office VCC6: 10

4 Max.

Port Licences:

IP500: 4 to30

IP412: 4 to 30

IP406: 4 to 20

IP403: 4 to 10

Small Office: 4 to 10

Centralized Operation




Queue Annoucements




Auto Attendant




Call Recording




Intuity Emulation




Add Avaya Embedded Voicemail or Voicemail Pro to your system.

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