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Avaya Ip Office- IP Telephone System

The Avaya IP 500 ip  telephone system is base unit of the Avaya IP Office family, and is our most popular Avaya system. A phone system specifically designed for small business, the beauty of the Avaya IP 500 is that when the business is small, the IP 500 is a very affordable small office telephone system, but when the business grows, additional licences can be purchased to enable more features. This makes the IP500 base cost lower than other telephone systems, which is why it is our small business telephone system of choice.

Avaya has 5 different Editions (or versions) of the IP Office Operating System. They are pre-loaded on the system and are activated with an SD card and license. Scroll down to see descriptions of all the Editions.

IP Office is the perfect solution for any company with a staff of two and up to 1000 employees, whether it is a newly created negotiated as if it is a well established company with several locations.

IP Office is the unit that will allow you to provide uninterrupted service and help you optimize service to customers.

Avaya IP Office will help reduce telephone costs by offering many ways to optimize the call charges.

Avaya IP Office allows you to work from anywhere.

Collaborate in real time, without boundaries

Enable employees to stay productive and accessible when away from their desks. Employees can hold video chats with colleagues and customers from their desks or while mobile. They can keep business and operations moving using IM, presence, full call control, conferencing, and more on their devices of choice.


Improve responsiveness to customers

Enable customers to quickly reach the right associates—whether employees are in or out of the office. Integration with desktop applications (such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and, multi-layered automated attendants, and mobility applications help speed interactions and provide personalized service to customers.


Keep up with growth

IP Office is the most cost-effective solution for growing businesses. Simply upgrade your software or add new hardware for capacity—keeping your initial investment intact.


Get great value for your investment

IP Office has a built-in, secure 128-party conference bridge. We add call recording, automated attendants, voice mail, voice-mail-to-email integration, and video conferencing options. Move up to advanced unified communications capabilities–for presence status, IM, mobile call control, conferencing, and more. Integrate with desktop applications and employee devices (such as smart phones and tablets).


Lower your TCO

IP Office lets you save with the most energy-efficient desk phones, a built-in 128-party conference bridge (if you’re paying a monthly fee for conferencing, spend no more) and call recording. When you upgrade from Avaya MERLIN®, PARTNER® ACS, Business Communication Manager, or Norstar, save up to 60% of your original investment.


Rely on resiliency

Take advantage of intelligent failover between sites. Or, for single location deployments, easily add a redundant server. Without the need for internal fans or hard drives, IP Office delivers a mean time between failures of 68 years.


Simplify system management

Manage multiple sites from a single interface. Use drag-and-drop system management tools. Give users the communications features they need with applications designed for mobile, office, and teleworker employees.

Avaya Ip Office V 8.1

Avaya has now released version 8.1 for IP Office phone systems. Some of the key enhancements that come with the new version are:

End of Avaya support for IP Office release 7 and below

With the release of IP Office 8.1, Avaya will now only provide support for IP Office 8.1 and IP Office 8.0. IP Office 7.0 and below will no longer be supported by Avaya, so it’s important to update your system to the new release.

If you are interested in upgrading your Avaya phone system to version 8.1 and adding new features to your phone system, contact Vector Digital Systems L.L.C. We can let you know what new features are available, provide a quote and work with your company to take advantage of this latest release. Whether you have du telephone line [du phone connection] or etisalath telephone line [etisalath phone line] avaya is the best ip telephone system solution for your business.

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