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Avaya IP 500 V2 Phone System

Avaya's IP 500 V2 IP Office is redefining how business communicates. The Avaya IP Office Family is the latest advancement in converged voice and data technology from Avaya. IP Office combines high-end voice and data applications normally reserved for large enterprises with easy to use tools that allow the smallest of businesses to deliver cutting edge customer service.

The IP Office family consists of the IP Office 500 and the previous IP Office 412 communications solutions. The Avaya IP Office IP500 V2 is the latest control unit in the IP Office IP500 suite of products, supporting IP Office Release 6.0 and higher. Systems can be expanded through the use of expansion modules.


Avaya IP Office delivers full voice functionality with a comprehensive set of features. The IP Office system can be configured as a voice-only PBX, using traditional circuit-switched lines, or as an IP telephony server using high-speed ISDN/PRI dial-up access and/or direct leased line connectivity and/or SIP trunks.

IP 500 V2 IP Office

The IP Office 500 V2 communication solution can scale up to 272 telephones and 8 T1/E1 trunks; the IP Office 412 supports up to 360 telephones and 4 T1/E1 trunks.

This Avaya IP PBX system supports 8 expansion modules providing a combination of up to 272 analog, digital, and IP telephones, with capacity for 16 analog trunks or 8 digital trunks (192 T1/PRI channels or 240 E1 channels). Optionally, SIP trunks are also supported. As with the IP Office 412, additional analog trunks can be achieved by using Expansion Modules. Optional support for up to 128 voice compression channels is available.

Avaya IP500 V2 Features:

 Backwards compatible with Avaya IP500

 4 card slots compatible with existing IP500 cards as well as new Release 8.0 cards

 SD Card required, acts as Feature Key

 Operates in standard IP Office mode and Essential Edition PARTNER mode

Avaya Release 8.0 Features:

 A new C110 Unified Communications Module

 A new IP DECT Gateway

Avaya is a global leader in enterprise telecommunications systems, providing Unified Communications (UC), contact centers (CC), and related telecom's services directly and through channel partners to businesses and organizations around the world. 

Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art phone system solutions that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness. Avaya has a rich heritage of telecom's research and development of market-leading software applications, enterprise telephony and IP technologies, establishing best practices to allow companies to better service their customers.

More than 1 million businesses worldwide, including more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®, use Avaya solutions to turn what used to be “just a utility” into a networked, unified system that fosters growth.

Avaya IP 500


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An Avaya IP Office small business phone system enables your entire team  to connect and collaborate in real-time, without limitations, using available and appropriate devices—including smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.



Avaya Aura® Communication Manager software is the open, highly-reliable and extensible IP Telephony foundation on which Avaya delivers Intelligent Communications to enterprises large and small. Communication Manager effectively scales from less than 100 users to as many as 36,000 users on a single system, and to more than one million users on a single network.

Communication Manager is an important component of the Avaya Aura next generation architecture, which consolidates several previously separate products and new components into a holistic package that makes it easier to buy everything enterprises need for Unified Communications. Communication Manager software is part of the Avaya Aura Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition packages, which bring together all the functionality needed for common customer situations with a simple per user licensing fee.

Designed to run on a variety of Linux-based media servers, Communication Manager provides centralized call control for a resilient, distributed network of media gateways and a wide range of analog, digital, and IP-based communication devices. It also has several advanced applications built-in, including mobility applications, call center features, advanced conference calling, and E911 capabilities.

Communication Manager is the foundation for building complete enterprise communication networks by supporting SIP, H.323 and other industry-standard communications protocols over a variety of different networks. This protocol support provides centralized voice mail, attendant operations, and call centers across multiple locations.

Whether you’re buying a new Avaya phone system, need a Avaya phone system upgrade, service for an existing Avaya phone system or adding a new voice communication line, our experienced Avaya Engineers are ready to provide you the best service and installation available in the market. Vector Digital Systems L.L.C provides Avaya Ip pbx Service and Avaya PBX Phone system Implementation all over UAE,that includes Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abudhabi, Ras Al Kaimah, Al ain and Umm al-Quwain.

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