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Avaya IP Office Voicemail Lite

Avaya IP Office Voicemail Lite is IP Office's standard Voicemail application. It can handle up to 4 simultaneous calls system-wide. When enabled Voicemail Lite automatically answers your telephone when you are not available to take a call. You can record your own personal message greeting to let your caller know that they've reached the right mailbox and that you will actually receive the message.

With Voicemail lite, you can configure messages to play as a continuous loop - without allowing messages to be left. This is idea for applications such as information lines, show times etc. At any time, callers can press a key to be transferred to a predetermined number - usually the receptionist.

When voicemail messages have been left, the number of new messages waiting will be displayed on the Phone Manager application and/or the telephone caller display panel on your Avaya IP Office display phone. Voicemail Lite can also periodically ring an extension to deliver any new messages. When voicemail messages are left they are time & date stamped and the caller's number recorded. Once listened to, old messages are deleted 24 hours after being left. Alternatively they may be saved permanently.

Staff can collect their voicemail messages from anywhere by calling into the Voicemail Lite server. Avaya IP Office has built-in security that can identify the caller by the number they're dialing in from and will either allow the caller to access theirmessages OR prompt them for a mailbox number and PIN code before they can retrieve messages. Users can set and change their own PIN codes.


Included free of charge with the purchase of an IP Office IP500 and IP412!

Provides 4 ports of Voice Messaging

Delivers 24 hour personal message taking

View all messages from one mail box

Advanced voice messaging

Forward Voicemail to email

Append comments to a voicemail before forwarding to another user

Remote access through secure PIN number access

Requires a PC server (not provided, sold desperately)

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